WriteLine Log Level Changed in 2019

Prior to 2019 Version, WriteLine activity generates log as Trace in Orchestrator but after 2019 upgrades I have noticed, WriteLine generates logs as Info level instead of Trace.

Any known settings to change this or its a known bug in this version?

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Hi @sishiramishra,

Write line activity used to

" Prints a string or the value of a string variable to the Output panel. By default, this activity is also included in the Favorites group."


and for logging there is different activity called Log message activity

@SamanGuruge thank you for the reply. The question is, about log level for WriteLine. Earlier it appears as Trace but with 2019 its changed to Info.

I have experienced the same.
We have 60+ processes and 200+ components, where we use write lines when developing and testing. Previously these write lines were not printed in the log, but now they are. Probably since updating to 2019 version, Iā€™m not sure. But I can see in the documentation that write lines are now on log level info.
Our log files have increased in size, and I believe it is slowing down performance, which is the reason I started to look into this in the first place.

Is there an easy way to update 200+ .xaml files, so these write lines will only be visible as trace?

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As a last resort mass editing the XAMLs via XML processing / regex text replace can be done

yeah, i think the log level is now info (see attached screenshot). This change also caused some confusion for me, since in some tests it still marks trace as the correct log level.