UiPath Orchestrator Log Messages/Write Lines

Does anybody know why the write lines in my code don’t always appear in the logs of a run on Orchestrator? The same code will run and sometimes all of my write lines appear in the logs and sometimes none of them appear. Any ideas? Thanks

Log Message is what appears in Orchestrator. Always use Log Message. Write Line is pretty useless.

Write lines appear in orchestrator as well. I have never had a problem with write lines until the past few weeks

But then you don’t have a way to control the log level. Use Log Message. Forget Write Line.

Write line should always appear in the logs from orchestraror.

when it doesn’t appear → Then you mean to say none of the logs appear or only the data in write line activity?

Just the data in the write line activites

Write line activity, per my understanding, is verbose/trace level, so you need then change log level of robotic user in orchestrator. Anyway, UiPath documentation of this activity says: “Prints a string or the value of a string variable to the Output panel.”

With note: “When executed on 20.10 Robots or newer, the Write Line activity outputs logs at trace level, rather than information level.”

Difference between Log Message and Write Line should be in the use case:

  • write line => only RPA developer wants to see it studio
  • log message => can be visible in orchestrator for monitoring purposes

Hope this helps.

This helps. I have noticed that when the write lines don’t appear in the Orchestrator logs, the process is always running on the same VM. But when it runs on a different VM, the write lines appear. So I am not sure if it’s possible that the VM or VM settings is the issue, but it looks that way