Write Line Activity - logs to Orchestrator

after upgrading the Orchestrator from 18.3 to 19.4,2 we have problems with Write Line activity logging.
The log level is set to Info in Web.config and on the Robot’s tray, same as was with the previous version, but after the update, every Write Line is written to the Orchestrator logs.
Is this a change connected with 19.4.2. version or something is wrong with our settings?

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Hi @pelli

Could you clarify what your goal is? :slight_smile:

Two things I noticed so far:

  1. Write Line activity does not send any logs to Orchestrator, it is the Log Message activity that does
  2. Are you trying to limit the amount of logs that end up in Orchestrator?

we are having the same issue, all our write line activity is also logging to the orchestrator Log , Even when I filter via Trace or Info write line prints also display in logs. My understanding was that only Log activity will get logged into to the orchestrator Logs

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Thanks for raising this!

Indeed we had a problem with the Write Line activity that would make the activity log info level messages. This was fixed in the 20.10 Robot.

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Hi @radutzp,

Thank you for the update. we are using the version 2020.4.3 enterprise. When we will expect the enterprise version 20.10?

Thank you

26th of October is the target release date for 20.10

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Great and thank you :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower: