Log message in Studio X

Hi everyone,

Small question. I find nothing to create log in the orchestrator. Not log activity in activities panel. Can we use another way ?



We do not have a specific acctivity that pushes log messages to Orchestrator , but we are pushing audit logs to it and also we are pushing the console output.

So one can use the simple write line activity to create useful logs :slight_smile:




Thanks for your reply. I have tried to add write line but i see nothing in the log manel in the orchestrator. i have tried in community edition. Don’t know if it’s caused by that.


Hmmm , that is a bit strange since it would imply that in your case the logs are not being pushed to the orchestrator. I might have to ask is your orchestrator configured to use Modern folders ?


Hi Dragos,

I am facing the same issue. I have write line actives in studio x. When I run unattended in orchestrator the text from the write line actives do not appear. Did you apply any specific settings for your write lines?


Same question applies do you use modern folders or the clasic folders in orchestrator ?

We are using modern folders.

Ok … then I might ask to which folder is the Studio connected , you can check in the lower right part of the Studio interface and make sure that you are checking the same folder in orchestrator

Thank you Dragos. I had it set to my workspace and the logs did appear there. When I publish and run unattended the text form the “Write Line” still does not appear. Any thoughts?

I know this is old, but the likely reason is the log level is not set to ‘trace’.