Write PDF

Hi, I have a question about PDFs.

I have this process where the robot:

  1. Opens a PDF file with adobe acrobat
  2. Select the opcion “Fill & Sign”
  3. click on any part of the pdf creating a text box
  4. write “SOMETHING” in the text box
  5. Save the file

I want to know if there is a way to write that text box in backend without open the PDF file

Yes, several paths. Recommend an iTextSharp (legacy) package, that’s the route I would take.

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Thank you for this option!

Do you know if there is another way with official uipath activities or coding?

Hi @KevinDS,

You might wanna give a try to PDF.co.API.activities package.

Alternatively, you can use itextsharp.
Even we had a requirement to update pdf’s metadata so we also used itextsharp package and it’s namespaces to fulfill the requirement. It can modify your data without any need of first opening the file.

When using itextsharp, you would require to use Invoke code activity in uipath to write code to manipulate PDF.

Hope this clarifies.