How to Add text to a new or existing PDF

Hi there, I have a existing pdf and a new pdf that I am trying to add text to, it does not matter where it is. I am just validating that it is added. I have tried a many things and looked at the forum. Does anyone have any suggestions or an example they can zip up for me to download. I have better luck figuring out all I am working on sometimes when I have a physical example to follow and run through.

May we ask @rodrigo.simao to share with us some screenshots on these mentioned activities? Thanks

You’re totally right, there is no such thing.

But i believe you can use iTextSharp library and the invoke code afterwards.


  1. Using the activity in the listing :- PDF Conversion to Microsoft Word - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview. Convert the pdf file to word.

  2. Then using Append Text Activity from UiPath.Word.Activities package, you can add text to the end of the pdf.

  3. Finally you can use save Document as PDF activity from UiPath.Word.Activities package, to reconvert your file to word.

Alternatively if you have two pdfs and you want to write the content of second pdf to first, you can use the Join PDF Files activity in UiPath.PDF.Activities

I tried to install this, and it tells me no compatible version with windows project.

The main test is that I need to edit the PDF in the PDF not convert it and then save it. I can open it, click on the edit box but after that all I can do is save it.

Hi @vtonelli ,

Is it possible for you to provide us with a Sample document and the Expected Output ? So we can analyse from our end How easily we could be able to perform it ?

Also, let us know within what platform you are working ? Studio or StudioX.

Automation Email.pdf (6.3 KB)
This is the document, all I want to do is open it, edit the text to put in the current date. I have a script I use later in the run to send in email. I am not sure how to check. I believe it is StudioX