How to edit PDF file or can you perform form filling using UiParth

Hi All,

I need your approach/guidance/suggestions on the below.

I need to work on PDF activity, in this activity I need to EDIT the PDF file or form filling activity.

Note: I can not convert word/text to PDF (Format will change).

Can you please let me know how to achieve using UiPath? I don’t see related activities.


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in that case do we have ACROBAT application a licensed one, only then we can directly edit in the pdf
Cheers @sachinsm

Thanks for the reply and suggestion.
Is there any option/activity available in UiPath. I need to use only UiPath.

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@sachinsm “PDF” is a proprietary format owned by Adobe. In order to manipulate existing, real PDF files, you need to use licensed software. Either by purchasing full licensed version, or 3rd party vendors that pay a licensing fee to Adobe.

So, there are UIPath only activities available; but you must purchase them before they can be used in UIPath.

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well we have two activities on it
but both can only read the file even without pdf application

But if we need to edit them we need to have acrobat license buddy
so kindly make sure that we have that license
if so
–we can use START PROCESS activity to open the pdf
–we can easily edit with simple CLICK and TYPE INTO ACTIVITY

as simple as it is
hope this would help you
Cheers @sachinsm


were we able to get this buddy
any other queries kindly let know
Cheers @sachinsm

If you are using Adobe Acrobat DC, this package of custom activities can be used to fill PDF forms:

What if i do not have adobe acrobat but adobe reader? Serena

Then you can’t use the package as the custom activity package as the package uses Adobe Acrobat DC.

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