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UiPath is new to me. I am trying to automatically edit PDF files. I went through the training of PDF Automation in Studio from academy.uipath.com, but it is related to extract data from PDF file. Where can I find any documents/online courses for editing PDF file?

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Please check this thread

Hello @xiaohui.ma ,

If your pdf allows editing you can explore the pdf package in the uipath. Else you have to convert that to a word document using word package and bookmark feature and adding the needed data and then converting back to pdf format.

Go to manage package->search for pdf and install the pdf package.

Can you open that file as word and use word activities to do the edit and then convert back the same word file to excel using Uipath activities itself??

Let me try it. Thank you!

Does that mean UiPath has limited functions for editing PDF files?

Thank you for quickly response, Rahul!

I can manually edit pdf files, also installed UiPath.PDF.Activities to UiPath Studio.

  1. I did use START PROCESS activity to open the pdf, am trying to fill into an couple of words in the empty area by using simple CLICK and TYPE INTO ACTIVITY, but the location is not the place I want. For example, I would like to add “US – 0” under Code, but I cannot put it in accurate position. Is there a way for me to make sure UiPath can input words in the location I want?

  2. Here is another one I need edit, remove the strikethrough and input an couple of words under it.

  3. Can UiPath input several different of words by checking the checkboxes? For example, Vessel is checked, I need input “Port of”, if Aircraft is checked, I need input “Airport of”…

Thanks so much for your time and help!


Hi @xiaohui.ma ,

Is your PDF actually a PDF form ? If so, you could try to use the Component below and Let us know if it works.

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@supermanPunch Thank you! Our PDF is not a standard PDF form.