Write csv doesnot show all rows from datatable

Hi, I have used data scraping to fetch 4k plus rows from sap and the on row count of datatable number of rows matched with that of SAP table But on Writing to CSV, i am able to find only 200 rows. Could do please let me know what could have gone wrong.

which version of studio are you using?
Try using ‘write range’ activity.
I Believe, it is data table you are trying to write to excel sheet.

I am using Studio 2019.10.1. Yes it is datatable I am trying to write to excel.
I tried Write range, still getting only less rows compared to the rows in datatable



This seems weird issue. It should not happen.

Can you try installing latest version and try? If you are still facing issue, let me know

it totally is very wierd. I cant install the new version since this is Enterprise edition and its used currenlty in the entire team.