Whenever i use write datatable, the written data leaves few rows and updates the excel sheet

As you can the data has left few rows and updated the sheet. Why is this happening. I also tried clear content.

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,

Couple of things to Check :

  1. Does the Excel data contain spaces in the rows or in the Response ID columns.
  2. The Datatable that you are using to write to Excel, Does it contain empty rows ? (We can check the Datatable rows Count and figure out as well)
  3. What was the Range used in the Write Range Activity.

1.) No
2.) Yes, it does but there are times it just writes data one after another
3. Yes

@Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,

So the conclusion might be that because of the Empty Data Rows available in the Datatable, the data when written to the Excel sheet there are also Empty rows present.

In order to avoid this, You can use Filter Datatable activity and only keep the rows which contains data, then write the Datatable to the Excel sheet.

Could you try this out and let us know if it works out?

But I want to write the data. How will I do that using filter datatable but since Im also build data table to should in the empty row itself

@Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,

After the Filtering is done, we use Write Range Activity and write the Datatable to Excel sheet.

Could you maybe provide us with the Steps that you have performed ? Also, You could Debug the workflow at each Step and check what are the intermediate values of the Datatable.

This is suggested so that you will be able identify at point/Step the Output is getting irregular.