Datatable not writing to CSV

I created a workflow where I am reading an excel file and using a “for each row” activity to create a datatable. At the end of the “for each row” activity I have an “add data row” and at the end of my workflow I have a “write to CSV” activity. Everything works when I create a datatable with 200 rows. When I attempt to create a datatable with 2000 rows, it does not write the CSV and does not show any error. The workflow completes but I do not see the CSV written. Any ideas why this may happen?


For now, I suppose perhaps you should check if Write CSV activity is executed by set Breakpoint at the activity and run debug mode.

Or can you share your workflow and data?


@Yoichi I have attached the workflow. Thanks for your help!

Sequence.xaml (20.3 KB)


Thank you for sharing your workflow. There seems no problem in your workflow. Unfortunately, i cannot check in details because I don’t have data and your application.

So can you try to set Breakpoint at WrteCSV and run debug mode, as I mentioned?
Please check your datatable variable (Results) in local panel when it stops at the activity,


Will do. Thanks

Actually…figured it out. I needed to update the file path for the write CSV activity. Thanks for the help.

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