Write Range Activity doesn't save all DataTable

Hi there, hope you all are ok.

I have a completly mind blowing when I was running some DataTable extraction automation. I got full crazy when I ran the debug mode for testing and everything worked fine. But when running the actual workflow doesn’t work as expected.

The problem here is that I have a DataTable variable, and save it into a write range activity into an Excel application scope. I extracted 35 values, but only 25 values are written when running the workflow file or Debugging the file with no pause. BUUUT, when I use steps to debug, then it save ALL 35 FREAKING VALUES!!! I want to blow up my PC. And I don’t know what is even happening!!! I tried to delay before and after but the result is the same. I hate this.

So, kindly, does anyone know what is happening? What should I do?
I will attatch the video so you can se what is going on, and I don’t have an explanation.
Thanks in advance!!


I don’t think so it is problem with Write Range activity.

May I know where you are getting input data ? Can you try please try to check row count after scraping the data.


Yeah, I just did that in the Inmediate Panel, it says 34 rows when extracted the datatable.
Here’s the video of the execution, for run and debug by step. You can notice that in the debug mode that is going step by step, in the watch panel there are two variables, the first one is the temporal DT of the data, the second, finalDT is the table that is going to be saved in an excel file. Both have the total of rows with the Rows.Count.

Hope this helps you to understand. Just ignore the data

Hi @Dev_Dav

I just saw your video, try Adding a delay activity after merge datatable and give delay for 5 to 10 seconds depending on the page loading time because the page is take some seconds to load the table and at th time of loading the extract table activity executes which results in empty table in second page


Yeah, the delay thing worked after merge. Many thanks, you are a master :smiley:
I’ll be careful when extracting information. Would you recommend using always the option “WaitForReady” when getting input? Or when should I not use that option?

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@Dev_Dav thanks for the kind words, yes you can use complete in waitforready, so all the elements in the page load completely, but also test couple of times if that alone is enough else put an delay.


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