Export 2000 records from datatable to excel


I am trying to export 2000 entries from SAP to Data table. Currently I am having 2000 entries copied in my datatable. When i tried writing entire content from datatable to excel via Write Range activity, it is copying only 91 records. When i check count of datatable, it is showing count as 2000. Can anyone please suggest me some solutions.


Hi @Meena_Kumari,

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Use Excel application scope with Excel write range activity.


Thanks for the suggestion. I am using excel application scope, inside that I am using write range activity. Still it is copying only 91 records.


Are you passing any range? in the Write Range activity?

Try to write into a different excel file and check the same.


I am not passing any range. I have added write range activity and gave inputs as sheet name and data table name. Can you please tell me if any range needs to be mentioned in write range activity. I have tried with new excel also. But still it is copying only 91records.

Please share your code if possible or else provide screenshot of your code with the details