Write cell without workbook

Hi guys,
I just began my automation journey and struggling a bit getting things done.
I am trying to access the “Write Cell” activity but I am only getting the one that requires me to put the workbook name. I am getting an error that “Activity is only valid inside an Office 365 scope”. I have installed almost all the packages on office 365 but still wont get the “Write cell” activity that gives me range and sheet name under destination on properties panel.
What could I be doing wrong?

Hi @Juliet_Njura,

There are actually two “Write Cell” activities in UiPath Studio:

The first one under App Integration > Excel > Cell > Write Cell requires an Excel application installed in the system and also “Excel Process Scope” and “Use Excel File” activities for it to work.

While the other one under System > File > Workbook > Write Cell does not require an Excel application installed in the system and you can point out the Workbook path, its sheet name and cell and what to write.

I actually needed the second one and was able to locate it after following what you gave.
Thanks a lot

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