Studio Excel activities became replaced with StudioX Excel activities

I’m tryng to use Excel Read Range and Write Range activities in Studio 2022.4.1 Community Edition. The problem is that all the activities I see in Uipath.Excel.Activities are StudioX activities. For example, when I insert a Write Range activity, what’s inserted is Uipath.Excel.Activities.Business.WriteRangeX. This started happening after the latest Studio update. In projects that were made using an older version of Studio, when I inserted an Excel Scope, I would get Uipath.Excel.Activities.ExcelApplicationScope. Now, ExcelApplicationScope is no longer available in the list of activities. Instead, I have Uipath.Excel.Activities.Business.ExcelApplicationCard (Use Excel File) and Excel Process Scope. Both of these are StudioX activities. How can I remove StudioX activities and bring back the Studio activities?

P. S. My profile in “License and Profile” is set for Studio, not StudioX

They aren’t StudioX activities. They just moved to a different model of Excel activities, somewhat based on how they did things in StudioX. If you want the old way, downgrade to Excel activities 2.9.5

Hi @Yury_Voloshin,

Can you turn this setting off and check?


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