Write Cell (ExcelWriteCell) Activity with Read-only recommended Excel



I create Read-only recommended Excel file as follow.

after Write Cell (ExcelWriteCell) Activiry is Executed,can not write cell.
(auto save option is checked at ExcelApplicationScope)


Any one has same problem?


Hello @iebreaker I’m sorry if I’m missing the whole point here, but isn’t Read Only supposed to be, like, for read only - no write?


Yes,No write.

After WriteCellActivity,A1 cell to be “Write Cell”.
But A1 cell is empty.

When open excel by manual.Top of Excel displayed “Read-Only”

When open excel by Robot(ExcelApplicationScope) ,Top of Excel NOT displayed “Read-Only”.
It’s mean this worksheet can write, and ExcelWriteCell execute with no error.
But no write…


@iebreaker I thought it was an expected behavior since it is set as Read-Only, do you want to throw error upon failing?


Thank you for your reply.I’m not want to throw error.

This Excel is Read-Only “Recommend” not “must”.
So, Originally it should be possible to write


@iebreaker Whoops, now I see!
I checked and the File Attribute seems to be set to Normal. Sorry can’t be of any help.
Let’s wait for the other experts’ advice.