Read range after write cell



If i write sth in excel and try to read range

then,error happens everytime and i think its because
the excel file is still opened

anyone can share the resolution to this problem?

Error due to Excel being used by another UIpath process

There are two types of excel activities in UiPath.

  1. Excel application Scope. Works in Foreground. If the Excel file is already open, then it takes the same excel file to work on.
  2. Workbook type.- Works in Background. Throws exception in case Excel file is already Open
    In case you want to read an excel file, even if it is open then please use “Excel application Scope” activities i.e the activities which come under “Excel” category in Activities panel.


Im using Read Range (Excel) but still same


Provide delay between write and Read range & check the private property in read range


Can you please share your workflow or a screenshot of it for better understanding?