Excel opens as read only, how do I write to it?



Hi, I am very new at UiPath, and have no one at work to ask.
I am to get information from an excel file, use this information in a Sharepoint Environment, and then I am to write some new information to the excel file. I have managed to get the data from excel using the Excel Application Scope, and manage to use the information in Sharepoint. However, the excelfile opens as a read only document, and I do not know how to make it writable so that I can write back to it. Any suggestions?
I have also tried the Start process and managed to make the excel document writable. But then when I wanted to use the Read Cell activity it says I have to open it via the Excel Application Scope. I do not want to use the Read Cell from the Workbook, as I have to enter the workbook path to every cell I want to read, and there are quite a few cells.
In short, I want to open excel, read information from a few cells. With this information I am to do some things in Sharepoint, and when this is done, I want to write back to excel that the Sharepoint work has been done. Or if I got an error, I want to write back to excel that the Sharepointwork did not work.


can you check if that excel file is not in read only mode:
right click on file> choose properties> on bottom if ready-only is checked then uncheck it > click ok and we are good to go
else make sure worksheet is not password protected


The excel is in a Sharepoint library. All documents are Read-only when opended from this library. But it seems to work if I use the Click function and click on the Edit workbook button, Before I use Read Cell or Write Cell. I hope this works going forward as well. So I might have managed so solve it myself. :slight_smile:


how did you solve this issue?