"Write Cell" Activity Deletes Excel Sheet

Hi, I am using “Write Cell” activity (System > File > Workbook> Write Cell), Sometimes it deletes my excel sheet, Does anyone has faced this type of issue?

hi @ kuldip.gohil

will you please share your workflow?

you have installed any antivirus?


It was a bug at some point when trying to write in A0 cell (which does not exists). Is this the case?

Hi, @aksh1yadav

I am not able to share workflow due to some reason, but you can find screenshot of activity from where its deleting excelsheet.

Antivirus is not installed.


@badita - No, its not case here. still will double check by providing “A0” static.

hi @kuldip.gohil

it is really a strange case what is triggering behind in that case. have you tried the same artifact run on different machine? and you are getting same result?


@aksh1yadav - Yes, I’ve tried in different machine as well and getting same result. issue is random.

Could you attach the xaml and the excel file?

hi @kuldip.gohil

as you said you can not share that .xaml but you can share that demo excel and that excel reading part .xaml only will also be helpful. i guess.


This is a known issues that usually occurs when using larger excel files. Could you try using “Excel application scope” with “Write Value” as a workaround, and let us know if it is ok?


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Hi @cosmin.sandulescu

Excel is small, less than 20 records. I’ve used write cell at many places.

I will try excel application scope as well. but it will take time for me to replace and confirm.

will let you know


Hi @kuldip.gohil
I also faced the same issue as you are facing.As cosmin suggested, try using Excel application scope. Additionally put a little delay between the two write cell activities.

I’ve put delay of 2 second between every write cell activities, as of now its working… thanks all… will update if its still not solve problem.