Write cell: Could not write the datatable Datatable starting with Cell A1

Hello guys!
This is the error am facing, all my data is grabbed from queue and then I have followed this workflow in my process transaction, It is able to read the output but it is not able to print it in the new excel file.
Any solutions or tips?

Hi @praneet.naik26

I think it a iterative process!

Have we enabled the add headers property!


Yes i have enabled add headers property.
Still giving the same error


Try with workbook write range activity and let us know. and also please confirm whether the excel you are trying to write is already filled with data or empty. thanks.

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Yes , wait ill try it with workbook

do i need the excel application scope while using the workbook ? cause we are already defiining the path in workbook

you don’t need excel application scope for the workbook write range activity. it is having the file path as one of the argument. please try and let us know.

This is the issue.

This is my properties panel

Hi @praneet.naik26

You need to provide the from which mail id your sending the mail!

As you see in the properties panel of send Smtp mail messge

There a Logon You need to provide from which mail id you are going to send a mail!


This was working earlier, now suddenly this popped up.

I was able to tackle the issue, the issue was in the properties queuefolderpath, as i was not using it but it was still mentioned in the properties.

@pravin_calvin @kirankumar.mahanthi1 Thank you soo much! I goo the solution

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