Write cell error

Hi, I am taking data from the data table and inputting into Excel using write cell activity. The process works perfectly fine for the 1st time with all the rows of data. But when I try to execute 2nd time, the process works only for 1st row of data and fails at write cell activity in 2nd iteration with the attached error. Please help me solve this error.

Try to print the value of Name every time verify that it has value when you are writing it to a cell

Thanks for the reply,
Yes, I have verified it by printing it through other activity. still am getting same error

Okay can you attach your workflow so that I can see what is the issue.

Yes, I am attaching the workflow. please suggest me if there is another way to do it

Can I get any solution for this issue!!

This is working fine on my machine. Check the option Visible in excel application scope and verify where it stops

I didn’t touch my activities after your reply, Now its working fine on my machine too… Thanks

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