Why am i getting this error?

Am getting the error "Could not write the data table Tablename starting with Cell A1. But i didnt mention cell value

The write range by default starts at A1 if you did not mention any Cell value. But the reason for being unable to write could be due to something else. I believe you are using write range inside an excel application scope, maybe try using workbook write range

@naveenkumar.sathiyamoorth - Your screenshot did not give any clue. Please couple of activities before the write range.

@prasath17 I am trying to to extract the words (Ex:TOYOTA COROLLA 2012-ID:125) available in the PDF file to Excel file and by matching the details already available in the Vehicle sheet i need to separate the Vechicle ID (Ex: 125 from (TOYOTA COROLLA 2012-ID:125). and i need to match the vehicle ID in Codes sheet and get the price into Vehicle Sheet

In the above error, after extracting details from PDF am trying to update the output into Excel file. for that i used write range but am getting the above error

Auto Sales.pdf (205.0 KB) RPA.xlsx (17.0 KB)

Final_Naveen_OCR.xaml (15.5 KB)

@naveenkumar.sathiyamoorth -I am not sure what you are exactly building here…

If you see the below screenshot, You are building a datatable and you did not write any values to that datable. Without writing anything , you are trying to use that datatable in write range…

Please populate the values in the datatable first and then use that datable in the write range.

I see , you are creating so many threads for each and every step on this workflow…please follow the forum rules…

@prasath17, To move the pdf values to excel is it really necessary to use datatable or i can just use write range?