Working with Remote and Citrix Automation

Hello Guys,

I am working on web-automation on Remote desktops and Citrix systems.

We are not allowed to install Remote Run-time on client machine where the process is going to run.

What are the other options I can use the Computer vision activities to run the automation?

Any help will be appreciated!!


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Hi @voranir

After open RDP before enter credentials please click->show Options->go to Local Resource tab
->change Apply Windows Key combinations enter On the remote computer and save.
After try Win+r in rdp it will work.


Kommi Jeevan.

We got many options to do like as follows
—we can use image based activities like click image, send hot key activity, type into activity etc
—we can use connect to the RDP from our local system through REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION and that process can be included in your process designed in studio
—we can use COMPUTER VISION Activities to select each and every element as a individual element

Cheers @voranir

Thank you guys for all the inputs…

We have the latest studio version installed (2019.10.2) Enterprise edition.

So when I try to use image based activities or Type into using Citrix recording,it is giving error for “UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe not running in remote system”

Do I have to lower the version of the studio to 2018 for this to work, because I believe for 2019 versions we would need the UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe to be installed.


Hello Crew Member ,

Here I need Some Help. I want to make Some Remote Automation Project for home Equipment.
I Search related on internet . I found the SSLA. Where I Found the Information and Complete Documentation regarding remote automation and industrial Automation.

Please Suggest If you have more reference and complete guide.