I have error and cannot move in to remote desktop

When I try to image recording into Windows remote desktop , I always had the problem which cursor posision didn’t work(even I move cursor), and if I click into the remote desktop screen, the screen was freezed about 30 seconds and following message appeared.

“Cannot automate remote app:UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe is not running in the remote session”

I already checked the following topic and I found that I need to uninstall Citrix Extention and use image recording, so I did it accordingly.

However, even I used image recording after that, I had same problem with same message.

Does anyone can find the cause of error?

Ver: 2019.5.0 community edition

Thank you


Have you installed UIpath.RemoteRuntime.exe file or not in remote System ? If not then do it.

And also you can use Computer Vision activities to work with remote applications.

Hi, thanks for replying. no, actually I am not allowed to install any to the Server system. Only client computer has that. Any other solution which I can proceed??

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Use Computer Vision activities. Please check below thread and install it and try.

Thanks for replying. Now I realized that I just uninstall UipathRemoteRuntime.exe from my client computer. It worked fine.

Thanks, I haven’t noticed untile you suggest to install UipathRemoteRuntime.exe to the Server.

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