Working with multiple robots

Hi, I have to make an automation that works with multiple robots at the same time. I have around 600 collections of strings that need to be processed by these robots. Is there a way to send a different collection to each robot to process it and make sure that two robots don’t work on the same collection? I am trying this way because I have a time frame to respect. Thank you!

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In this case you can use Queues in Orchestrator. Queues are used to share workload between multiple bots. So this will be the rite approach for your problem.

You can add all the items to Queues using Add Queue items. Then you can use Get Transaction items to get it from Queue.


The best way is using Orchestrator Queues.

If you unable to use Orchestrator Queues, then you have to find a way how to differentiate each collection and then use the conditional logic to process the collection by each robot (kind of using config files).

Karthik Byggari

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Thanks guys, appreciate the help and fast support !

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