Multiple robots processing items on a single queue

I have a queue which will be accumulating periodically 3 hours once with lots of items. We have 3 dedicated bots available to process the items available on queue. Can some one help how to schedule the 3 robots to process all the unprocessed items without missing item. Do I need to create 3 separate processes for each bot, or same process can be allocated to all 3 robots.

Same process on every bot, that process pulls from the queue.

Thank you Khage. How will the bots take items from queue. How will the load balancing happen.

I have R1,R2,R3 bots and queue items I1,I2… I1000. And after 3 hours,I10001 to I2000 appends in the queue. Consider first 1000 items are not processed before the second set of items are appended. How does the load balancing or sharing will happen in the orchestrator. Do we need to take care of it externally or Orchestrator will take care of it? Please share if you any approach to balance and process all the items.

I assume you’re using Orchestrator queues, in which case new inventory just gets loaded into the existing queue (likely a separate workflow/process to load the inventory). If that’s the case, Orchestrator handles it.

That makes sense. I was worried about load balancing . Thank you for the response.