Processing Orchestrator Queue items in multiple Robots

Hi All,

Actually, I have been working on Orchestrator Queues. My requirement is to process the Queue items simultaneously irrespective of other statuses.

for ex: I have 10 items in a Queue. So, 1st item should be processed by 1st robot, 2nd by 2nd robot, similarly rest should process rest items.

How I could achieve this.?? any settings needed in Orchestrator Robots?

Need assistance please!!



Yes you can do this. Make sure those Robot machines connected to Orchestrator and provide same Orchestrator Queue name to all processes. So that it will fetch items from Queue and will process it.

Yes its possible
You can manage define the no of item can be catch from the robot from queue

But for the the robot it will be global then , according to your scenario have to set “1” for queue picking from robot .
I hope it’s not a good practice and not practical (anyway if you want the same , then you can do it)

If you set this all robot will take only one data list from queue ,process and stop.
Hope it will waste your robots time

You may also be able to utilize REFERENCE settings to also identify Queue Transactions that you want to pick up and process by Robot(s).