2 robots works under same queue

Hi Guys,

I have 2 process called: Maintainer & Maintainer-Helper

So can I create 2 Jobs to call both above processes to work on same the queue at the same time.

Will be a confusion on between those 2 robots?

If that can be done, do get transaction item activity is the right activity to use? Or is there any method to do so?


Hi @Serran_Neru,

Two Bots can use same queue to get transaction item to process. Bots will pick the item from queue based on their availability.

Refer below links for more info.


Yes. Use Get Transaction item activity to get item from queue.


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*) Is there is a way to filter the transaction with a specific reference? so that I can get valid transactions?

*)Also I want to understand is that possible to set a column and value on the fly and update the transaction?