Working with for loop

I want to get input from user and update timesheet from Monday to Friday AND store data like you can see picture with loop
can someone guide



You can first use get attribute to find the required row and column using the innertext property for both row and column

for col - use Mon 6/19 and for row tablerow=‘1’ or the innertext if that is unique


Why not pass a datatable to a UiPath form and let them enter it all directly in table form?

can you explain little bit please

what i want to do
i want to get input from user 5 time
and store in this web table

You don’t need to get it 5 times. You can use the Create Form activity, pass in a datatable, present the datatable to them on the form, and when they submit it now your datatable has all the data which you can then use to put into the web form.