Input data table credentials, go down one row each repeat

Hi all,
I have a spreadsheet containing login credentials with headers each labeled accordingly. I’m trying to input one row of credentials into the corresponding box per loop and have it go down one column each repeat. The current setup just inputs a name delete and input the next name in the same box over and over again. How would I accomplish this?

Hi @Imnotgoodwithusernames ,

Can you also share screenshot of excel file with dummy data so that it can be more clear what you want to achieve?


Sure. Here’s an example of the layout

I want to input one row into the corresponding boxes, then have it go down one column every time the sequence is repeated.

Hi @Imnotgoodwithusernames ,

You can follow below steps

1 Read excel from read range activity and store output in dt
2 Use foreachrow on dt
3 use type into activity for each column.
4 inspect each one by one
5 pass value to each input type activity
Ex - row(“Email”).ToString to email type into
Row (“Phone”).ToString to Phone input type.
Similar way for other.