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I want to buid a “for each row loop” that ask me to input a dialog and export it to an Excel sheet. I want to do it for all the cells in the sheet. What is the condition that i have to use to select all the sheet in my for each loop?


Hi @Juan_Pablo_Rodriguez,

Can you please describe some more details about your requirement.

Hey @Juan_Pablo_Rodriguez :wave:

Could you be a little more specific about your requirements?

Do you want to get input each time and pass it to the data table or process an existing data table after some manipulations?

i want to build a “for each row” that ask names and total of sales, then build a data table in Excel with this data.
I already built the data table, but i can’t iterate the question.
what sentence i have to write in the for loop to iterate the question, for example 100 times?

Share a Screenshot of you workflow

ok now i understood you need to create a form and get the information and add that data into a data table and finally you need to out put it into excel file right?

So in uipath now you can create form and you can collect all the detail and iterate it the time you want using a loop. Collect all the data an then put all gathered data into data table finally put into a excel file

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yes! I want to do that. Thanks :slight_smile:

What action do you recommend to use to create the form?

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Thank you. very friendly.
Greetings from Argentina!

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