Working on IE: All the activity slows Down

Nope… Same issue. Tried with other developers and other machines.
Please help.

Hi @chandu4712

I know it might not be the ideal scenario, but could you try closing and reopening IE before you run the loop again? Just for debugging purpose.

A few followup questions:

  • what are the packages version of the UiAutomation and System activities?
  • is there a substantial amount of data on the webpage that you filter?
  • do you have any protection software that would ‘kick-in’ the moment you download the first file?

Hey @loginerror

Feels good when People from UiPath respond so quickly.

Anyways, to your queries,
I have 100s of Attachments to be downloaded, so doing a re login will surely work but doing it every time will be very tedious and not good a practice.

  • UiAutomation - 18.4.3
    System.Activities - 18.4.2
  • Quite Confused with this question. but to answer, I have 4-5 attachments to download in each loop. The loop can vary between 20 to 30 times.
  • Not sure on this too. This Is Office machine so I have knowledge of firewall only. not sure if anything else gets in. Not visible on screen atleast.

Anyways, This is a concern which I have seen on many other threads on forum, so I guess this is not related to my machine, Webpage or Environment.

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Thank you for responses. Sorry for confusing questions, I am trying to get a feel for the issue.

It would be ideal if you could reproduce the issue on a dummy public webpage and shared the zip of the project.

However, I have more followup questions on top of that :slight_smile:

  • could you see windows event viewer for any irregularities between the first and the second execution of the loop?
  • could you see if the same happens if you run entire process in debugging instead of actual run?
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Hey @loginerror

I got a solution. :partying_face:

Just Refreshing the WebPage after the each download brings the Bot on track. On time.
Adds a second for every download but that’s fine.

I am still curious for the root cause.
I will surely give you the workflow if I can replicate it in some public website.

  • This is new for me, Windows Event Viewer. It will be great if Can you shed some light on this, Maybe this will be helpful for me going forward in debugging.
  • In Debugging mode the Issue Still persists. No luck here.

Thank you again.
@Pablito @Ellboy Cheers to you both.


I’m glad you’ve found a solution!

I would lean towards it being a specific behaviour otherwise known as a bug :smiley:
It is hard to tell, but because the detection doesn’t fail but rather is slowed down, I would be willing to bet something happens that forces the detection routine to iterate over a lot of ‘something’. And refreshing your browser would clear that ‘something’ out and speed up the process.

Now, this is just a guess. Keep in mind that you can still test your process with the latest UiAutomation activity package (2019.5) to see if it was fixed in the meantime :slight_smile:


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