Issue with Downloading of File from IE

hi Team,

When trying to download a Excel from IE, I am not able to detect the Save Toolbar which is coming Up at bottom even tried with Element Exist and Image Exist, when trying to highlight it not visible on the front side but it is there on the back ground, so getting the result as True(Exist) and the BOT is trying to click and its getting failed as the button is not present on the foreground.

Attached the screen for your reference,

Any suggestion will be help and thankful

hi @harshavardhan3457,

  1. Take a Attach Window and point to the SaveAs Dialog
  2. Inside this - Take a click and point to Save


have a look here to setup a synchronized and solid download procedure:

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hey @mukeshkala,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Tried the same, with Attach window but it is taking the full window, I am not able to highlight or select only that Pop-UP Box. The problem is that in peak hours the Pop Up is taking a lot of time and at that situation I am not able to stop the BOT dynamically, by giving static delay its really a Time taking way.

Hi @harshavardhan3457 ,

So in this case , we have to look for a successIndicator - which means we have to look for a Indicator which the page displays once the report is downloaded - May be text on screen which says - Download success or a popup which says - Operation complete.

we have to keep looking for the indicator and we can use on element exist here …


The idea is good but we don’t have any option of that kind, it is single time job no other thing we need to do here, only to download send that output file via email.

Hey @harshavardhan3457,

I had a very similar issue and found that after clicking download instead of trying to attach to the popup on bottom, sending a “ctrl+j” hotkey to the browser brings up an ie downloads dialog that can be much easier to automate. Let me know if this shines any light on what you are trying to do.


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