Activities Taking very long to execute inside loop

I have an automation doing activities on IE browser and inside a for each loop, in first iteration all goes fine, but as soon as it goes for next iteration (and stays like that in all other iterations) it looks like every activity is delayed for maybe one whole minute… In debug mode it will say like “Click button X has started”, but the button will get clicked in like 1 minute or more…

Check the below.

  • Reduce the writeline or logs.
  • If you are invoking and using Datatable as arguments, replace them with strings instead.
  • Remove the unwanted workflows from your project.

If still you are facing issue, please share your workflow or screenshot of it.

I dont have any of those in my project, it really looks like i had a delay on each activity, nothing is wrong in my machine, like slow, high cpu or memory or anything like that… i have uploaded it here, thx.NewActivity.xaml (34.0 KB)

In Select item(Month) and Click (Download), give timeoutms as 1000.

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ok, those 2 activities are no longer delayed like before, but i cant understand why we needed that… Still in first iteration they go fast, is this a know bug? another thing that works well the first time and in the second doesnt is the activity: “Anchor Base” it finds element ok and then after the new ‘navigate to’, it doesnt… Thank you for the help.

It may be a bug. For workaround you can reduce the Timoutms in the activities which are getting delayed :slightly_smiling_face:

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