Working on IE: All the activity slows Down

Hello Great Minds,

I am stuck in a very strange situation here. Please help.

My process is,

  1. Take first value from Excel.
  2. Go to Website A. Via IE
  3. Navigate to a Page.
  4. Search the value in WebPage and Download all the documents related to it.
  5. Take the next value, Loop back and perform steps 1 to 4.

Now, whenever Bot reaches to step 4, I see a IE download window pop up. I perform my desired work there and download has completed.
Now, just after download window all the activities following it (step 1 to 4) slows down drastically.
No Error, just the activities wait for exact one minute and perform well.

I had looked over the forum and found threads on it.

  • WaitForReady = NONE. - Not desired because I loose the actual aim of it. My bot should logically wait for element to appear and then do the activity. Making all the activites None fails it.

  • Cannot use Other Browser - Business Requirement

  • Element Exists Activity - Logically using Element Exists activity for all the activities to be performed is very bad designing.

What exactly is the root cause? why does this happen?

UiPath - 2018.4.3 Enterprise Edition
IE - IE11
PC - Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit

Let me if you need any more data.
Looking for urgent help.

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Hi @chandu4712,
I’m not pretty sure but please check in task manager how much RAM Excel is taking after first loop. I think excel can be problem here.

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Some activities have a delay before or after property, they haven’t been accidentally filled by chance? Not a great suggestion but just in case!

Otherwise i’m not sure what the cause could be, are the timeout properties on your activities on the default value?

Also if it’s a download link in IE I find it a bit easier to use the http request activity, you only need fill the endpoint and resourcepath properties for downloading item. You don’t have to bother with any download menu’s then. That could help quicken your process but won’t remove your issue.

Thank you for the quick response @Pablito

I don’t think Excel is causing issue. Because step 1 to 4 goes very smooth just 10-15seconds for first time. But right after Download pop up window it dies.
Attached is the Task window

Also, there was a scenario earlier. Where IE provides 2 types of download dialog box.
Refer this post

for the 1st Window type I don’t get any slowness at any point. It goes all well.
But if I get 2nd window its slow again.

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Hey @Ellboy thank you for being quick,

I have checked everything. No delay before and after.
No TimeOut property changes. Everything is default.
It is basically happening for every activity after download dialog box.

I like the idea of Http request, this can be a work around if nothing works. Can you some more light on this area. What properties are to be filled in the Http Request activity?

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Here I see Edge is taking a lot of memory. Anyway you have 87% taken and I’m pretty sure that PageFile is starting to dump memory at this level. If you’re on HDD then disk is also starting to work intensively and whole computer is getting slower and slower.
Maybe try to check it with other browser?

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Thank you for the sugeestions @Pablito
I am pretty sure this is not because of memory. Because everything works perfect if I remove the download dialog box process.

I have cleared everything this time.
This snapshot below is when the bot is waiting for a ‘Click’ Activity just after downloading first document.

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Main.xaml (7.9 KB)

Attached is an example off the http request activity. You only need to use the properties endpoint and resource path.

Endpoint is the url for the download which can be got from the attributes of the elment that links to the download and the reosurce path is the location you download the file to.

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Is it possible for you to attach your workflow?

I am very sorry.
I am not allowed to share the workflow since this is for client.

But I will surely try your way and update you. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

No worries. Let us know how it goes :).

Oh I forgot to say you need to makesure the Web activities package has been installed to do it.

Yeah, I added the package @Ellboy

No luck. Actually the download button does not have a download link attribute to copy and send in the http request.
When I click on download, it generates a dynamic link everytime and then it downloads. :frowning:

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That’s surprising i’ve never seen no attribute for it! it’s definiately not hidden in a differently named attribute?

Could you get the url after clicking the link and then cancelling the menu. Not much point in doing that by then though.

This isn’t a good solution but you could try reintialising IE at the start of every loop. Not a very good use of resources but might be a bit quicker

Is it that it takes a long time for the 2nd window to appear or that the window appears and the instantly and the robot just takes a long time to do anything?

I am trying to see if I can see the attribute with some other name. Its a big list.

Once I click the download link, I see the download dialog box and then everything slows. even cancelling the menu will not work.

I thought to reinitializing everything, but its not the good way.

download Window appears quickly in any case, its just the robot which is idol and not doing anything.

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When you right click the element do you get this option?

This should work as the endpoint.

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I know this option.

I get this option. When I click the ‘Copy Shortcut’ link from download button it is different.
It takes me to same page again. Creates a duplicate tab.

And Basically when everytime I click ‘download’ button , it generates a link with authentication token in it. Which I cannot get just by getting attribute.

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Ah I see, sorry mate but i’m all out of ideas then.

Perhaps try using a different browser?

Thanks mate for all your efforts.
Appreciate it.

Other browser is not an option.
I am looking for more ways now.

If you or @Pablito can tag anyone good for this situation, It will be helpful.

I know it might be not a good idea but… Are you able to check if situation is the same on other computer?