Workflow unable to communicate with excel after upgrading to office 365



Hi there,

I have just upgraded my Microsoft office to office 365.

I have a workflow that works perfectly fine previously, however after the upgrade, it always gets “stuck” before performing an Excel Application Scope activity.

For example, I programmed it to open the excel sheet called “FullList.xlsm” using excel application scope.
When debuging, i realise it stops at this execution and hangs.

When i tried to manually open the excel sheet, it tells me it is locked for editing, which i assume is due to UiPath Studio.

Any ideas how do i resolve this?



Send screenshot of your excel application scope and what is the current extension of your excel file?


Hi jiban,

Attached screenshot of the workflow with the excel application scope.

The excels that im working with are all .xlsm as I have some macros in them for UiPath to execute.



No Idea, May be because of the .xlsm file it is freezing.
Can you try the workbook related activity: Write Range, It accepts the file path also directly. You dont have to use excel application scope.
@badita, can you please help here?


Any update on your issue?


Can you give more details?


Let go through this…
I think the problem is with Microsoft Excel.


Try this also.