Use Excel file, Excel process scope Error

I got the below error when I use Use Excel File and Excel Process Scope.

What is the cause for the error??


can you try updating your dependencies from the package manager please?


Hi @yesterday,

From your screenshot, it looks like the workflow is using some activities which are not found in the dependencies. We cannot pinpoint to the exact activity, but these should be with the following dependencies.

Do you see some of your activities in the workflow / workflows with a red sign? If yes, you have a dependency error.


I understood the cause of the error. Thank you so much for your reply.

I need to update the robot that was made with an older version of UiPath 2 years ago by someone else.
My current UiPath is up to date, and would like to use the new features.
The problem in my case is, that the robot uses the send SMTP mail activity, and it uses credential information. I cannot update the Mail activity package because when the robot tries to send an email, it errors out if I uses the latest version of Mail activity package. (I asked the tech support and they said I need to downgrade the package). That is why I did not update all the packages.

Do I need to update/ check each activities when robots need to be updated/ modified with newer version of UiPath every time?

What is the best practice when updating old robots??