Workflow Analyzer Command-line is not working as expected

I suddenly received following error message after updating to 2023.10 release.
command line: "C:/Program Files/UiPath/Studio/UiPath.Studio.CommandLine.exe" analyze -p "c:\******\project.json"
Output: The project ‘c:******\project.json’ could not be opened: Unable to properly unload Workflow Project.

But “Analyze File - Analyze Project” function in UiPath Studio desktop app works well.

Hi @lwang ,
You can see in here

or simply I think you can re-install studio


As a first step

Can you try to check the permissions of both the files you are using

Also by any chance is this occuring for only windows projects or something like that?


Yes, I have the permissions of accessing both the files. I haven’t change anything in between.
It’s happening among all my projects.

Tried that, but didn’t work.

Thanks for previous answers. Add onto that issue, I’m also experiencing the same issue when publishing projects from the command line. Workflow Analyzer Command-line is not working as expected

Look like the issue has been fixed from the last update.

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