Workflow Analyzer doesn't output any program errors

The CLI of the workflow analyzer does not output any errors of the program itself. As a result, a problem with the workflow analyzer itself will result in exatclt the same output as if the analyzer would have detected no issues in the project. This makes the workflow analyzer highly unreliable, since a simple wrong path to the project file would result in the same output as a project, that is in perfect shape.


  • Violation of Rules found → Json output with list of violations (expected bahaviour)
  • No violation of Rules found → No output (expected behaviour, could be improved by a statement saying that no issues have been found)
  • Project file doesn’t exist at specified path → No output (Should result in error)
  • can’t access a file → No output (Should result in error)
  • Dependency in project not found → Program doesn’t terminate (Should result in timeout and error)

This should be fixed soon!

I’m having this issue too - still in CE Studio 20.6.0 beta.93 (I also tried 20.4 stable version as well) - No output from analyzer command line :frowning:

It’s working as it should in Enterprise Studio 19.10.4 though - I’m assuming it’s been broken along the way and not intentionally excluded from CE version?