Workbook Read Range: Incorrect Result When Reading Formulas


/Workbook Read Range activity contains incorrect results when reading a cell containing a formula. Some of the values of the Excel worksheet is doubled.
A similar Read Range error involving formulas is referenced in: Wrong result from workbook read range when the cell contains formulas from Sept '17.

Steps to reproduce:

Attached are the XAML and Excel files.
Column B uses reference formulas whereas Column C has values.
TestProject_Main.xaml (6.3 KB)
SampleData.xlsx (73.4 KB)

Current Behavior:

The Total (Formula) values are incorrect for the Training and Monitoring rows.
Note: this result is also inconsistent - the V, Profile, and Total rows are correct.

Expected Behavior:

The Total (Formula) values should match the Total (Values).

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Studio Version: Enterprise 2018.4.6
UiPath.Excel.Activities Package version: v2.7.2

Hi @dzhou

Have you check this when am selecting the cell its showing different in formula tab


same as here


So its showing what is there in your excel



It’s not showing what is in Excel; the issue is that UiPath is doubling the value for cells B2 and B5.

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I have a similar problem and chose to open the file, then calculate the workbook and it works. However I am still looking because I don’t find this solution very elegant, and it’s slow.

Hopefully someone comes up with a good solution.


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Hello, It is an expected behavior that workbook activities only supports basic formula’s.(Not recommended for such scenarios).
Kindly use excel activities to get your desired results.