Workbook activities not working when there are formulas with file

Hi Team,

With my recent project, I was using an excel file which has got lot of formulas in it and when I tried to read that file with WORKBOOK activities it was throwing error as Identifier expected

I have seen many of similar topics in forum where many mentioned that they are still facing this issue where they are not able to use workbook activities when that file has formulas in it

I m using the latest version of excel and system activity package
2.12.3 - excel package
22.4.1 - system

But still the issue exists and this doesn’t appear when using excel package instead of workbook
It’s working fine when using excel package and not with workbook

Can we include this fix in workbook activities as well so that many would find it useful


Hey @Palaniyappan

Any chance you could share a sample zip project with a dummy file that causes an issue? It would be the quickest way to figure it out for us.

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Hi @loginerror

Sorry that I won’t be able to share the excel file I have as it has some confidential data
But I would like to tag a topic here which is also another issue which I would like to highlight along with the one I mentioned


Hey @Palaniyappan ,

I wasn’t able to repro this using Excel version 2.12.3 and the sample data from the linked forum post. Would you be able to share a sample workflow with a sample file that would repro this issue?


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