Workbook Read Range - Contains Formulas


I am attempting to use a workbook read range activity and create an output data table. The range I am attempting to read includes formulas with references (Example: =H2, =J19)

My process is throwing an error when using the Read Range activity with the message: Read Range: Identifier expected.

Is it possible to read a range containing formulas or references in excel?

Hi @verdonej

Try with excel activitiy (excel application scope)

Hi Nived, thank you for your response. Unfortunately, we are working in an environment that does not support the Excel Application.

We need to use workbook activities, do you have any other recommendations?


I want to read an excel file that has formulas for some columns.

The issue is excel is having only two rows, but the formula has applied for some 1500 rows in the excel sheet. So, in Read Range activity, it is reading all 1500 rows instead of reading 2 rows.

Did anyone face this issue or any solutions??

Thanks in Advance.