Workaround: Using Chrome 'save as' filepath line in pop-up

Hi guys,

since I spent too much time figuring out what the right selector, anchor or image should be
to make UIPath reckognize the upper filepath line in the chrome browser ‘save as’-popup,
I’ll share my solution here:

<Sorry if this is old news to you! :wink: >

Simply use the lower filename line! Avoid it altogether.
It’s that easy! :smiley:

Use two separate Type In activities, one for the filepath+[enter] and one for the filename.


Hi @C_Richter
–you can store that filepath in a variable named in_filepath of type string
–then a filename in another variable named in_filename of type string
–finally we can use single type into activity that concatenates the above two variables
may be this could add to your point
kindly correct me if i have mentioned wrongly
Cheers @C_Richter


The real issue is not about how to save the path, it’s to make UiPath identify the upper input line
in the pop-up window that comes up when you save something and Chrome asks for the filepath.

Hey Did you find a solution to make UiPath identify the upper input line as you have mentioned here?