Saving image from chrome website to computer

Hi - I nearly have my first script ready to go. However, final step I am struggling with is that I need to do the equivalent of right click → ‘save as’ to an image that appears on a page for images that will appear after each cycle of the script.

Even better, if I could then fill in some information for the name of the file from an excel sheet and then have it click save. Is there any way to do this? I have looked all over and can’t find a good solution.

Really appreciate your help!!!

Just build it exactly as you describe:
Right click the image, select save as.

Example here on the screenshot is this very page, selecting the UiPath logo.
This opens the dialogue screen for save as, where you can enter a filename (from whichever source) and save it.
(My browser is Dutch, so the second click on ‘Afbeelding opslaan als…’ is the ‘Save as…’ choice, and I clicked the wrong one in the example, but it’s the thought that counts))

Window selector:
<wnd app='chrome.exe' cls='Chrome_WidgetWin_2' idx='*' />

Image selector:
<webctrl tag='IMG' aaname='UiPath Community Forum' />

Save as selector:
<ctrl name='Afbeelding opslaan als…' role='menu item' />

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A solution that doesn’t use the UI would be to get the image address with a Get Attribute activity. It’s usually the href or src attribute.

Then put that address in an HTTP Request activity in the endpoint property, and put the path of the destination in teh ResourcePath property, as such: