Workaround suggestions on data scraping



While data scraping (individual and table) of attached webpage, getting an error as in image screenshot. This is reported as bug but need suggestions on workaround solution to achieve data scraping
sample.html (330.3 KB)


I did not have time to take a look but one possible workaround is to handle it manually using the FindAllChildren and GetText



You can try using co-related data rather than using the tabular data. Attached is a small xaml on the html you attached. Main.xaml (8.2 KB)

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@Sachin_Desai: Hi Sachin, i tried individual scraping as well but if we chose attached data for correlated it gives same error



On checking the selectors, I suppose the easiest way to do it will be what @badita suggested. You will have to get the text from find children. And since the selectors are dynamic for individual elements, you might have to take the text of the entire div and then use string operations (did not check it in Studio but just overlooking the inspect element).