Data Scraping Issue_Need Help

Hello Team,

I am having trouble extracting a reliable structured data result. I have had numerous issues which I will list out.


1.) Dependent upon number of results returned which is tied to the search radius, I am forced to increase the ‘DelayBetweenPages’ timer in order to reliably pull all results. I have tried using Wait ELement activity / While Activity etc…yet none of them pulled all results. Only a fixed delay of a couple seconds per page worked successfully.

2.) Now when trying to span multiple pages I am hacving trouble find the ‘Next’ button selector. It is now giving me the below error

Any help on being able to get around this would be extremely helpful for a potential client.

This is the steps I am following:

1.) Open
2.) [Click] ‘united Healthcare Plans’
3.) [Click] ‘Choice Plus’ (I have manipulated the selector properties, dependent upon input from csv it will choose differing options on the page)
4.) [Input] ‘75202’ (again this is a zip code so this input will change dependent upon input, this comes in form of a popup)
5.) [Click] ‘Continue’
6.) [Input] ‘Family Practice’ (this comes from initial input file as well so this value can change)
7.) [Click] ‘Search’
8.) [Click] ‘Family Practice’ Link (I wanted to get this from dropdown that autopopulates once you put in this value but was uanble to reliably choose it)
9.) [Data Scraping] Pull ‘Name’ / ‘Address’ / ‘Distance’ etc…

Step 9 is the part where I am having trouble with the 2 above issues. Any and all help is very much appreciated.

I have attached the .xaml and the input file for reference.

Thanks (2.7 MB)

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Any resolution to this query?

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