Data Scraping - Help

Hi, can anyone help me into this!
I am scraping data from website but sometime:
i) i am getting only one data
ii) sometime two , sometime whole page data.
iii) And when it open the browser again and again it will not capture any data.
I am not able to figure why this is happening.
I am attaching my .Xaml file, What i tried .
Please Help.
Thank you in advance.
Try.xaml (15.3 KB)

Hi, I saw your code and I don’t understand very well could you give and step by step to be able to help you

Yes, actually I want to scrape price,area,and BHK only by using data scraping. But simply it was not working that’s why I tried element exist that is whenever that element exist scrape the data.But that is not working too.
Maybe because of adds coming on the website or something else reason.

But basically what I want only price,area and BHK should be extracted for each available pages,and write into excel sheet.
Please help :pleading_face:

Hello could use Data Scrapping, because each item is a Table, but a made another solution, please check it and let me know any question.
Output.xlsx (9.5 KB)
Extract information without Data Scrapping.xaml (28.8 KB)

ok,thank you.

If that works, Could you mark this a “Solution” please.

Hi, I’ve got a problem in which I need to extract a table of x no of players and then take another 2 columns from the table for those x players and save them. Afterward, need to click on each one of the players one by one, go to a different page and scrape 3 information from there and save them in excel. How to approach this problem?

just open a new ticket on your case and get individually support. If possible also share the URL with us

Hi @Anived_Mishra,

Please open a new thread for better visibility and better solutions.