How to wait for the image to get disappear


In my application, it takes approx 10 mins to load so i need to wait till that time. A image appears at that time. so i was thinking of waiting till that image disappear.



Check out the activity “Wait Element Vanish”!
It is meant to do exactly what you plan to be doing :slight_smile:
It waits for a specific UIElement to disappear from screen !
Check out this link to understand it better!


I’m using the same but activity got completed before the image got vanished.


Try playing around with the properties.
Select the WaitNotVisible or WaitNotActive properties and see it that works!

Also make sure your selector is reliable!
If this doesn’t work you can also try out the “wait image vanish” activity, although image based activities should be used as last resort or remote environments.


I’m working on an application which is in citrix environment.


Then “Wait image vanish” should be the way to go!


sorry I’m using the "wait image vanish " but activity got completed before the image got vanished.


Did you check out its properties?
Try changing the accuracy or even the WaitForReady property


was this ever solved?faced with same problem here.


Please increase the “Timeout” property.
Like you mentioned, if you need to wait for 10 mins, use a generous 20 mins Timeout value, so that UiPath will wait for 20 mins for the image to disappear.
Note: 20 mins should be entered in milliseconds as 20000 in Timeout property.


I faced same problem in citrix recording I tried both option Wait Element vanish and wait image vanish also played with its properties but it not working…Is there any solution