Word Application Scope: Error opening document

i’m getting the error …while tried to run the word doc after updating the office version
can some one suggest
thanks in advance


Do you have the last version of Word Activities Package installed?

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yes i’m using the latest version

Can you open the word document at your local machine ?

yes i can open it normally and make the changes …but when i ran in the uipath it is getting the error like this …i’ve also repaired the office but still it isn’t working

Please check this post:

thankyou so much for your reply

i’ve tried to repair the office and i’ve uninstalled and installed the office but nothing is working still getting the error

Were you able to make it work? I am having the same issue and I have been searching for the solution for days! I made sure the package is of the latest version, and the file path is correct. I also did the repair of the Microsoft suite, but it still doesn’t work and keeps throwing the same exception!

Hello. You have to delete old keys in regedit if your office was updated.

May be this link could help you…