Word Application Scope issue - Unable to cast COM object


I am trying to scrape data from a word document using a Word Application Scope. I have followed various forum posts, Microsoft support, and unfortunately I have had no luck.

I have attempted to repair Office 365 using quick repair and online repair, I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the UiPath.Word.Activities package, and I have attempted to locate the Win32 folder within the Registry Editor (I was unsuccessful in finding the correct folders). None of these have worked. I thought I should put a frum post out before I uninstall/reinstall Office 365.


Does anybody have any solutions to fix this issue? Any help is appreciated.

I recommend you do this !

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I have just tried uninstalling/reinstalling Office 365, and restarting my PC, but it still isn’t working

Hi @william.coulson

Check below post

If you unable to solve try to downgrade the package and try, some times upgrade UiPath.word.activties have some incompatibility issue

Hope this helps you


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Hey @Srini84,

I have already looked at the post you’ve mentioned, I tried the repair but it didn’t work. I will see if downgrading the package helps

Just tried downgrading the package, that hasn’t worked.

I have put out a support ticket. Hopefully the issue will be resolved…


The issue has now been resolved. I had to uninstall my current version of Office 365, and install the 32-bit version of Office. Application scopes all work fine now.

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